First Reflection

I was pretty nervous about the first class because it is the bare minimum class I need if I’m going to get my credits back on track and start to build my major. I’ve been in IDS for about a year but I hadn’t transferred into the major. This class was always full. Now that I’m here, I’m glad to know IDS offers so much help to their students. I know what I want to be and study but I have absolutely no direction. In class I learned that I chose a major that genuinely cares if their students succeed or fail. I thought it would be a lot more of structure and guidelines, to know what you can’t do but from what I learned the IDS office tries to accommodate for not only the majors this school doesn’t offer but majors that haven’t been invented yet. I’m trying to study adolescent psychology, which is a teen therapist, but there’s so much I want to incorporate within that. I want to study emotional behavior patterns and coping skills beyond what they teach in modern psych classes. I’ve taken classes for youth development and how art can drive kids just as much as sports can. As I go further into this class I want to get a better idea of what classes I should be taking and what classes I’ve already taken that have helped me understand teenage psychology better.

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